Lower Tube Steam Nozzle Milk Foam Frother For Delonghi Coffee Machine
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Lower Tube Steam Nozzle Milk Foam Frother For Delonghi Coffee Machine

9,76 inkl. MwSt.

NEW GENUINE DELONGHI ORIGINAL PART MADE BY DELONGHI (Brand New, Factory Sealed) GENUINE !! NOT COPY / CLONE The Shipment Is By Post Office Delivery Time: Germany: 7-12 Business Days Europe: 7-15 Business Days United Kingdom / Italy / Spain: 7-12 Business Days Switzerland / France / Portugal / Belgium: 7-12 Business Days Israel: 10-20 Business Days New Zealand / Singapore / Australia / USA: 10-20 Business Days World: 25-35 Business Days Shipping options:You Can Buy This Part With ” Free Shipping ”: untracked(Your Shipment Will Not Include Tracking Number) or You Can Buy This Part With ” 2.5 EUR Shipping Cost ”:With tracking number(Your Shipment Will Include Tracking number) SUPPLIED PART: 1x 5332113800Lower Tube Steam Nozzle Milk Foam Frother THIS DELONGHI PARTIS THE ORIGINAL DELONGHI PART WHICH IS PROVIDED WITH THE MAIN UNIT Compatible With: BCO 261NBCO260BCO260CDBCO260CDBCO260CD EX: CBCO260CD.1BCO261BCO261BCO261.BBCO261.BBCO261.BBCO261.B EX: CBCO261BBCO261BBCO261BBCO261B EX: CBCO261B EX: CBCO261B.1BCO261EBCO261N / BBCO264BCO264BCO264BCO264 EX: CBCO264 EX: CBCO264 EX: CBCO264 EX: CBCO264.1BCO264BEAM2000.BEAM2500.BEAM2600ESAM2800.SBEAM3000.BEAM3000BJEAM3100.SBEAM3200.SEAM3300SEAM3400.SEAM4000.BEAM4200.SEAM4300EAM4400 SEC700EC700EC700 EX: CEC700 EX: C (220V)EC700 (120V)EC701EC701EC702EC710EC710EC710EC710EC710 EX: CEC710 EX: CEC710 EX: C ILLYEC730EC730ECA12600ECA13000ECA13100ECA13200ECA13300ECA13400ECA14000ECA14200ECA14300ECA14400ECO310.BK EX: 1ECO310.RECO310.VAZECO310.VBGECO310.VGRECO310.WECOM310.BKECOM310.RECOM310.WECOV310.AZECOV310.BGECOV310.BKECOV310.BK1ECOV310.GRESAM2000ESAM2200.SESAM2500.BESAM2600ESAM3000.BESAM3100.SBESAM3200.SESAM3300ESAM3400.SESAM4000.BESAM4200.SESAM4300ESAM4400 IF YOUR MODEL IS NOT IN LIST OR IN TITLE PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE TO FIND ANY PART YOU NEED FOR YOUR MODEL! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION PLEASE CONTACT US *** Delivery Time Sometimes Soon, Sometimes Longer. Maybe 2 ~ 6 weeks! Sincerely Hope You Receive It Very Soon! Thanks for your patience.

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